Predictive Analytics

The road that they walked
on is paved in gold

The work you do is a critical component to the global economic framework. Oil and gas are major contributors in the energy market and play an influential role as the world’s primary fuel sources. The systems and process required in production are highly complex, capital-intensive, and require cutting-edge technologies.

To stay ahead of your competitors, fluctuating economic cycles and shifting energy trends should be the focus of your business outlook. Unplanned downtime involving pipeline leaks, broken drills, inefficient utilization of rpm and fuel, frac issues, wireline problems, lack of oil field data, and environmental clean up not only take away from your growth, but also negatively impact your bottom line. Without sufficient notice and lead time through predictive analytics, always being on the defense will soon turn into an operational weakness.

Your Goals

To stay ahead in today’s challenging environment, oil and gas companies will need to build a more resilient and agile business framework. This begins with digging through your data to understand what visibility you have when it comes to monitoring your current infrastructure and creating the capability of predictive analytics in order to:
  • Lessen the probability of a critical asset failure, unplanned downtime, or oil remediation
  • Immediate notification of pipeline leaks, frac pump issues, and wireline perforation
  • Enhance fuel and RPM utilization by gathering accurate data on idle versus run time
  • Advance your oil field data collection, analytics, and connectivity
  • Manage equipment and operational decisions from a central location
  • Improve the productivity of wells with oil perforation monitoring
  • Increase revenue by saving money on production, repairs, and downtime
  • Provide customers with better insights around their equipment on site

This Is How We Do It

At Infinitive, our mission is to help you “get more value out of your data”. We understand that in the oil and gas industry, your operation requires precise monitoring to mitigate risk in your product, your equipment, your people, and the environment to ultimately help increase operational awareness.

Infinitive offers a turnkey solution that can rapidly provide you comprehensive insight into your data. We “start small and go fast” to help you reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance cost while delivering end to end visualization of major data threads leading to valuable insights. Harnessing the power of AWS QuickSight, Infinitive can quickly show you the data you currently have access to, customize the results based on your company’s key metrics, and create predictive analytics capabilities to reduce the burden of current and future operational issues.

Using your own data, Infinitive can build you a custom dashboard within 2-3 days that can immediately provide you with important maintenance and operational insights. Our real-time dashboarding analytics can provide you the visualization and monitoring you need to deliver:

  • Real-time mobile alerts
  • Future “closed feedback control” loop
  • High-level executive summary and reports
  • Deeper insights into operating metrics
  • Better operating uptime predictions
  • Increase fuel and RPM utilization
  • Improve oil field data collection, analytics, and communication
  • Reduce pipeline leaks, frac pump issues, and oil remediation
  • Lessen the probability of environmental clean up