Cloud Governance

A sky full of stars

Moving to the cloud can allow your organization to be more agile to changing business demands than before. But many cloud challenges also arise including overspend, inefficiencies in cloud resources, security breaches, data leaks, and audit fails.

Whether you’re transitioning partially or completely into the cloud, these activities require experience in cloud architecture, cloud migration, and overall cloud management to create the right cloud governance process for your organization. By putting the right processes in place, a cloud governance framework can help streamline your cloud transformation.

Cloud Governance Challenges

The most effective cloud governance frameworks help optimize your organization’s operations, risk, and spend. When it comes to taking the first step, a cloud governance framework should allow you to:
  • Reduce shadow IT to decrease overspending
  • Evaluate and understand your risk appetite and overall risk posture
  • Ensure information is easily and securely accessible to approved users
  • Maintain brand integrity by avoiding fines, lawsuits, and data breaches
  • Minimize regulatory and compliance risk including HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, HITECH, GCP, CCPA, etc…
  • Operate efficiently while allowing for agility and innovation

This Is How We Do It

At Infinitive, we work with you to create a custom cloud governance framework to help your organization become more agile, cost-efficient, and innovative. We provide:
  • Technology agnostic approach to create a tailored approach for your organization
  • Custom cloud frameworks to drive successful and sustainable business outcomes
  • Efficient and effective cloud solution that accelerate your journey to the cloud
  • Increased data security while minimizing compliance risk

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